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Greyfriar's Bobby Edinburgh, Scotland
Vacation 2004

To Groom...or not to Groom?

I have a sister who  had four little dogs.  Each of her dogs had different grooming needs and requirements. Whenever she would have them groomed it seemed that one thing or another would be off.

I began to search online for the answers to her questions and complaints about her grooming experiences. 
Learning and Lurking became a daily activity. I found myself wanting to learn the best way to groom dogs.
Grooming School gave me access to dogs to groom and Conferences offered the opportunity to learn the best way to groom and the best equipment to use.

Meet Miss Emily

As a child, I didn't know about Groomers. Always loved bathing and brushing the dogs in our family,  Was always proud of the large pile of dog hair on the lawn after brushing out my dog's coat.
It would not be until I was Forty-something that I would find myself enrolling in Groom School.

Omega asks...My turn?

Grooming Hattie at my sister's house.

Mobile Grooming...                                
12 years of serving my   grooming clients in  my  beautiful Wagn'Tails van.    

12 Years later....

You may bring your dog to my Studio for Grooming...

   a quiet, calm setting

   a cherry visit for your dog

   a clean, well-lit area

Your dog's comfort is what it is all about.

One-on-one attention.

One family's furbabies at-a-time.

Not just another Groomer!

Dedicated to your Dog's Comfort!

Years of experience

Continuing education

Conferences and Seminars

Know-how to enhance the 

Grooming Experience for

"Both Ends of the Leash"!

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