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 That's Groomer to You!

 Dog Grooming and Dog Sitting 

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Ah yes, Service!

Remember "the Good Old Days" 

When people in Business worked hard to do their very best to please their customers?

Those Days are baaack!

"That's Groomer to You" were I work hard to


"Customers" into "Clients"*.

*Client-a Customer who continues to have an ongoing relationship with a business. 

The Full Groom...

Ears Cleaned (dead hair removed from interior on healthy ears).

Double Bubble Bath 

(first bath for gentle cleansing, second bath for deep conditioning)

Hand Drying

Foot Pads trimmed

Sanitary area


Styling according to Breed Standard or Client's Wishes 

In Studio

Grooming Environment-Air Conditioned, Clean,         Bright & Cheery.
Grooming Products-EQyss Shampoos and Conditioners

Service-Personal & Professional-You and your dog     both enjoy  one-on-one attention.

Communication-You will be talking to the one who grooms your dog.   

In Studio Services Offered
Full Groom              $50.00 and up 4,5, or 6 week schedule

Bath & Tidy             $25.00  and up  1 or 2 week schedule

Micro Tek Shampoo   (no charge)  Soothes itchy skin

Shed Out                $5.00 cools your dog

Blue Berry Facial     $2.00  Enhances light beards

Mint Mud & Oil Infusion Spa treatment   $10.00 
(helps restoration of moisture to unhealthy skin)


Emily Pryor

Cleaning, calming, and caring for each dog as an individual.

Pet Sitting
(Only for my Grooming Clients)

Your FurBabies stay with us in our home as houseguests.

They will receive personal care based on your directions.

i.e.   If they are allowed on furniture at home then it is all right at Miss Emily's house.
If they are not allowed at home then they will have soft dog beds to lounge around on.

They will be fed what, how, and when they would eat at home.
(It is best that you provide the food that your dog is used to.)

Large fenced yard for play time. Pool for fun if your dog enjoys water play.

We try to keep our house guests to "one family's" furbabies at a time.
(Sometimes there will be overlap but we only allow for this with dogs who are adaptable to this.)

Pet Sitting Services Offered at...
$30.00   per night   one pet
$55.00 per night    two pets
Snuggles and homemade treats   no charge!

You will miss your dog! ...
but... You will not worry about your dog
when it is enjoying it's vacation at Miss Emily's.

Miss Emily

At your Service   

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